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Top 6 Unseen Benefits of using Restaurant Management Software

Date: 26/02/2022

Many restaurants/cafes operate on Excel or even a POS system that only caters to the table management and billing side of restaurant operations. But, as owners, you are concerned about many other major issues that require your daily attention. This consumes a significant portion of your daily time and could lead to stress if not managed properly.

A classic example could be your Restaurant Manager was on leave for 2-3 days and some policy changes were made to enhance customer experience and quality. You receive a complaint in feedback from the customer owning to the same mistake for which policy changes were made. When asking for answers from your manager he said “I was on leave when the policy changes were made”. Being an owner, you would feel furious and helpless at the same time. Won’t you?

This could have clearly been avoided if there was a communication channel that could have looped the manager in while he was on leave. At least you could have held the manager accountable for the mistake.

Restaurant Management software could solve several such issues concerning daily restaurant operations.

The top 6 Unseen benefits of using a Restaurant Management System are as below:

1. Hold Managers Accountable: You can empower the manager with tools to efficiently manage daily restaurant operations. They can monitor or even report any critical issue that needs immediate attention. Now, even if you receive a complaint that could have been prevented if he was proactive, you know he is not the right person to manage. You can hold the manager accountable and push him to either work better or look for another job.

2. Repairs and Maintenance don’t get missed: Proactively managing all your restaurant-related repairs and maintenance helps to not lose the major operating hours. This helps in being ahead of schedule and making sure that the operation hours run well, hence, reducing customer complaints and increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Changes made to Policies and Procedures are communicated across the restaurant management and the staffs: Policy and procedure changes are the only constants in any business. The same is applicable to the restaurant business as well. For Owners, it is advised to review customer feedback, management & staff feedback at regular intervals (if not daily) and bring policy changes that could enhance the experience of all the stakeholders. It is also important to ensure that the policy and procedure changes are communicated and implemented to check if the expected results are being achieved or not.

4. Know the numbers: As the owner, being on top of your daily operating numbers whether it be sales, expenses, labor costs, inventory supplies, etc. are a mandate to run a successful and profitable restaurant business. A restaurant management software could provide powerful Dashboards which could give a Summary of all these daily operating numbers on a single page. This not only saves your time but also ensures you are on the right track.

5. Creating a Culture of Communication: As the saying goes “Any problem, big or small, always seems to start with bad communication”. The same holds true in every profession as well as personal life. Proper Communication not only ensures the message is shared across all the stakeholders but also creates a culture that improves efficiency in the long run.

6. Know about Employees Issues: Every person knows what is happening with all other staff i.e., the problems and issues being faced by them on a personal and professional level. As the owner or manager of the restaurant, you need to ensure that your workforce is motivated and provided support in case of any unforeseen issues. The same could be done using a restaurant by customizing the software.

But you don’t have to worry as ROF is here to solve all your problems with just a single software solution!! Isn’t it Great?

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